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Antwerpen Amuz
Kammenstraat 81 - 2000 Antwerpen
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Dimitri Shostakovich Trio No. 2 in e, op. 67
Dimitri Shostakovich Symphony No. 15 in A, op. 141 (arr. V. Derevianko)

with Trio Triatu

Trio Khaldei offers a new perspective on two major works of the symphonic repertoire, and revives a custom that was very popular up to the start of the 20th century – that of arrangement, allowing the audience to discover or rediscover these masterpieces.

In this unique programme, Trio Khaldei brings new life to an old tradition. Before the invention of the gramophone, there were only two ways by which to listen to and discover music: going to concerts or playing an instrument oneself.

Up to well into the 20th century, the great symphonic works used to be transcribed or orchestrated for various chamber formations. In this way, they found their niche in private salons, in rooms of smaller dimensions or on stages devoted to chamber music performance. For the composers, it was a terrific way of having their music heard.