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family business #1

business #1 Robert & Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann  Trio in g, Op. 17
Robert Schumann  Trio No. 1 in d, Op. 63

Inaugurating its "Family Business" series, Trio Khaldei dedicates some programs in the following seasons to a few families of musicians, starting with Robert and Clara Schumann. They shared years of love and pain, exercised reciprocal influence and were for one another a never ending source of inspiration. 

Clara’s Piano Trio, composed in 1846, is generally considered as one of her finest works. At the time, Robert and Clara were intensively studying Bach's music, inspiring Clara to develop a particular sense of counterpoint in this Trio.

Robert wrote his first Piano Trio in 1847, inspired by the one Clara had composed a year earlier. This trio announces a big change in Robert’s composition style, becoming more intellectual, more architectural. He wrote about this : "Before, I was composing almost all my short works in a wave of inspiration. From the year 1845, when for the first time I first elaborated everything mentally, I developed a new style of composition”. A new style that remains very intuitively expressive, traditional in form, but at the same time shows a great inventiveness in the way he eludes the "problems" associated with classical forms.